Sunday, August 19, 2007

No Longer Cellar Dwellers

The Long Climb Out of the Basement

Ladies and Gentlemen. Royals Fans and my esteemed fellow bloggers. The moment has come... For the first time since 2003, the Royals no longer own the distinguished position of last place in the AL Central.

Its hard to describe the elation I feel of such a small victory. Actually, its not that small of a victory, its a large step in the upward swing in Royals baseball.

The best part about the climb out of the cellar, is that it wasn't done with old grizzled veterans, but young players brought through the system or acquired by Dayton Moore.

Just like with an acceptance speech there are some people I'd like to thank:

First, of Allard Baird. I know he wasn't given the all the tools that he might've need to make a quality team, but he did hit on his last few draft choices. Bullpen Zack Greinke, DH Billy Butler and third, not first baseman, Alex Gordon.
Those young players have really been stepped up and played well for this team. Remember Gordon and Butler still don't have a full season of ball combined between the two of them...future looking good.
Also Greinke has been nuts out of the pen. Unhittable. Which leads me to my second thanks.

I'd also like to thank the bullpen for being as good as its been the last 2 1/2 months. Without them, the Royals would be flailing and more then likely in last. It's nice to have a complete reversal of bullpens. From getting blown out, to blowing out. Nice John Bales in not very good.

The third group I'd like to thank is Dayton Moore and the family Glass. They stepped up this past off season and made a statement that the Royals would no longer be pushovers. See: Gil Meche and Michael Moustakas. Being a winner is about mentality and the Royals are earning it.

The final group I'd like to thank is Ozzie Guillen and the Chigaco White Sox. Thanks for having a great team on paper, but the consistency of flood water. Without your 7 game losing streak, it would've taken the Royals longer to achieve this monumental achievement. I implore you to continue to implode and boost my boys in blue to highs we haven't seen since the great season of '03. The Royals are coming to Chicago this week so this could be the battle for 5th in the Central. Please drop 2 or 3 to my team and continue on your downward slope. If not it was great being 4th for a while.

In closing how about world peace.


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