Saturday, August 4, 2007

Buddy Bell Resigns

Better late, then never...

I know I'm a bit behind the times, but lets talk a bit about the Royals head, er, former/current head coach deciding to step down.

First of all let me start with the fact that I believe Buddy. He is stepping down for family reasons. The main thing that I don't understand is his contract expires at the end of this season, so how do you resign when you don't have a contract?

I believe that Buddy knew or had a conversation with Dayton that basically led to the realization that he was not going to get a contract extension. After coming to terms with the decision Buddy decided it would be better to go out on his own terms and therefore resigned.

Buddy Bell was a manager, but he is not the anointed one to lead the Royals out of the depths of despair. He was a poor in-game manager, had a tendency to leave pitchers in to 1 inning to many, is too loyal to his favorites...Ross Gload, Emil Brown...and can't pick a consistent lineup to save his life. He is not a motivator, he was a rub some dirt on it leader. A tough baseball lifer, but just not a winning manager. His winning percentage with the Royals is a lowly .402.

Buddy wasn't given much to work with being the manager during the Wal-Mart era of Royals baseball, but that's no excuse. He should have won more games.

After looking back at what I've written so far I realized that Buddy needed to go at the end of this season. I liked Buddy Bell. He helped start what will hopefully become the revolution of the Royals. He kept the young players in the lineup, saw to the end of Angel Berroa era and showed the Royals what its like to be tough major league players, but that's not enough. I respect Buddy, but the Royals need more.

The Royals need an in-game manager. The Royals need a motivator. The Royals need to win and Buddy Bell wasn't that leader. Dayton Moore realized this and maybe Buddy did as well.

I hope Buddy enjoys the time with his family, but I'm sure we will see him again in the near future.


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