Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And Now Deep Thoughts...

Random Tidbits

Thought 1
Johan Santana is good. I went to the game Wednesday night and watching him pitch was something I hope the Royals pitchers took an interest in. He wasn't dominant 6IP W 2ER 6K, but he was flat out good. Watching him mix his fastball and changeup, keeping the Royals hitters flailing was a masterpiece. I hope all the Royals pitchers took their notebooks and learned something from that.

Thought 2
Esteban German should never, never, ever fill in for Alex Gordon or anyone else playing third for the Royals. I know the guy can hit, but watching him make poor fielding decisions, whether letting balls go by he should field or fielding balls he shouldn't leading to a 5 run inning. I know he can hit, but please leave him at second or as a DH...but what about Billy Butler?

Thought 3
Do not worry about Michael Moustakas, at least in the signing aspect, as a player who knows. The gentlemen of Royals Authority put together an excellent column on what to expect. I had an interview with Dayton Moore earlier this KMBC 9 News in Kansas City, but what Dayton said is don't worry, he's not and he foresees Moustakas signing and starting in the fall instructional league.

Thought 4
Do begin wondering about Luke Hoechaver. So far in AAA 1-2 5GS 7.18 ERA 19K 14BB 7HR. I'm not sure why the Royals moved him from AA earlier this year because he was far from lights out in Wichita. Maybe they thought he would rise to the challenge, but so far he's just been beat like he stole something. Keep an eye on him, but hopefully Andrew Miller won't bite us in the ass.

Thought 5
Rowdy Hardy. Remember that name. Rowdy Hardy, not only is it a porn star name, but a pitcher in the Royals system currently pitching at High-A Wilmington. Hardy's numbers so far this season are 14-3 19GS 2.38ERA 79K 14BB 4HR 2CG. Hardy is not known as a stuff guy, but more like a Brian Bannister type. The best comparison right now to Hardy in the bigs is Kason Gabbard. Both are soft tossing leftys with big curves and excellent off-speed command. I'm sure everyone remembers what Gabbard did to the Royals earlier this season.
Editors Note: Rowdy Hardy was recognized as having the best control in Class A, Carolina League, by Baseball America's "best tools" survey.

Final Thought
Emil Brown's walkup music is the Dixie Chicks...WTF?


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