Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Giveaway Game

Scott Elarton Is Terrible

Tuesday nights game was the night of the giveaway. The Royals gave away 3 different items.

1. George Brett Pine Tar T-Shirt
2. Denny Matthews Hall of Fame Button
3. The Game

The first 2 giveaways were great...the third, not so much. The Royals gave away the game by sending Scott Elarton to the mound against the Bronx Bombers.

The game was over before it even started. There was no way that Elarton was going to keep the Yankees off the board and sure as shit, he left in the middle of the 2nd inning surrendering 7 runs.

Scott Elarton's Stats from Tuesday night: 1 2/3IP 7ER 0K 2BB thats a 37.80ERA 0HR

Scott Elarton's 2007 Season stats: 2-4 37IP 10.14ERA 36ER 13K 21BB 12HR

Scott Elarton's 2007 Stats from AAA: 2-3 44 1/3IP 6.70ERA 33ER 19K 14BB 13HR

Elarton can't get major leaguers or AAA ballplayers out and on the biggest night since Opening Day, 38,000 fans, the Royals just give the game away. Scratch that, on any given night why would the Royals just give away the game. Scott Elarton has lost whatever it is that makes people major league starters, oh yeah its called stuff. Elarton needs to go the way of the bald eagle and be released into the wild. The Royals need to cut ties and be done with him. I know that he and Buddy Bell go way back, but this isn't about filling a spot or being loyal anymore. The Royals have finally started winning games and becoming respectable and then this turd gets a start against the Yanks. L

Sure who else might the Royals start you might ask? How about Leo Nunez.

Leo Nunez 2007 Stats: 1GS 0-0 4IP 2.25ERA 1ER 3K 1BB against the Red Sox

Why didn't the Royals give Nunez the ball? He couldn't be any worse...seriously. Elarton is terrible, at least with Nunez there could have been a fleeting chance at a win

If the Royals want to be respectable they need to quit pulling this bullshit. Elarton is done and if I see him make another start I will seriously lose my cool and...?...type more mean stuff in my blog. I just really pisses me off. The Royals go 5-4 on the hardest road trip of the year, come back home and the Royals throw Elarton on the mound for a guaranteed loss.

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